Lynda Marie Roy


Mind-Body Resilience Coach

  • Plant Based Expert

  • Emotional Eating Specialist

  • Physicians Committee Nutrition & Certified Cooking Instructor

  • KSPR ABC-Television News, “Cooking With Lynda” Series

  • Host "Lightness Quest TV

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Lynda-Marie Roy is A Transformational Mind-Body Resilience Coach, Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist, and the Founder of Lightness Quest.

She has walked the genuine path of self-awareness and evolution, deeply understanding the intimate dance between emotion, nourishment, and holistic health. With over two decades of research and experience, Lynda-Marie offers a compassionate space where emotional resilience meets nutrition.

She has had the privilege to guide many towards a conscious approach to eating, emphasizing the heart as much as the plate. For Lynda-Marie, it’s about connecting

meditation with intention, understanding self-evolution, and developing a kind, conscious relationship with our bodies and the choices we make.

Her Lightness Quest Program is a heartfelt approach offering a harmonious path to well-being, aligning mind, body, and spirit.

Rooted in Denver-Metro, CO, her connection to nature is both a personal passion and a professional muse. Whether drawing inspiration from the Rockies, finding reflection in Sedona, or rejuvenating by the Southern California shores, Lynda-Marie’s approach is always grounded in the rhythms of the natural world, emphasizing the richness of whole plant foods and the profound benefits of tuning into your body’s natural signals.

“Lynda’s compassionate way of connecting with the audience speaks volumes of her plant based recipes being almost a language of love and healing.“

-Jasjot Bhullar, MD

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Speaking Topics

Lynda Marie Roy

“Emotional Eating to Conscious Living"

Emotional eating effects nearly 1/3 of the U.S. population. Learn practical tips to ease emotional eating. Discover simple ways to return to center, process emotions, and the impact of nutrition.

“Dethroning the Inner Critic”

That narrating mental chatter running old thought patterns needs updates from time to time. Get mindset tips to help dethrone the monster in your head that keep you stuck, so you can step into your light.

“Habit Boss Masterclass”

Quit working for your habits and hire habits to work for you. Tips and insights to fire bad habits and train an inner team of your alighted lifestyle habits to support your highest and best self.

"Lynda has a brilliant and passionate way of creating pictures in my mind's eye of how I can see my relationship with food in a different, inspirational light. I absolutely love her approach to our connection with nature and God and nature within ourselves."

-Mitsue Mikawa,

"I appreciated the way Lynda delivered her holistic program; always with light and love, calmness in her presence, and laughter in her voice. Her program nourished my entire self -- my mind, body, and spirit."

-Lillian Barker, Canada